Publisher: Rainbow Books
ISBN-10: 156825094
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Making Real Love Happen : The New ERA of Intimacy (Hardcover)
No need to guess any longer. Buckner reveals exactly what you need to do when a misunderstanding or argument is brewing. Better still, you will be able to create loving moments most anytime you want. Dating or married, newlywed or silver anniversary, the rules are the same. And Making Real Love Happen translates the “rules” into specific behaviors, shows why the behaviors are vital, and teaches you the gentle and proven ERA Process, which when exercised, transforms your relationship into real and lasting love.There is a formula for Making Real Love Happen. Years of research have documented that the major component of the formula is a set of relationship skills. Dr. Buckner conducted one of the first research studies that showed that these skills – empathy, respect, and authenticity (ERA) – can be taught and they can be learned. A major focus of her professional life has been developing a procedure couples and individuals can use to insure that they communicate with ERA.

At long last, the procedure called The ERA Process is being launched. You will learn to speak from your heart in a way that your partner can hear. You will learn to hear your partner so they will speak their heart. This is the royal road to intimacy. Together, as you communicate in this powerful manner, you will come to know yourself and your partner more deeply than ever before and you will make real love happen.