A licensed psychologist, university professor, author and media personality, Dr. Buckner’s speciality and passion is helping people develop relationships they love. Based on 45 years of research and her 30+ years in private practice, training mental health professionals and serving as an administrator and professor in universities, she sheds light on the mystery of creating lasting relationships that enliven – in love and business. She’s appeared as a TV guest on various news and international talk shows, including Oprah.

Public Speaking, Workshops and Seminars

Dr. Buckner speaks and offers workshops and seminars for the general public as well as helping professionals. Topics include understanding and improving love relationships, developing communication skills and creating a life worth living.

Private sessions can be scheduled with Dr. Buckner in her office, via telephone or via Skype. Call817-451-8009 or email joybuckner@aol.com.

Who Are My Clients?

An Overview of How to Create Real Love by Dr. Joyce Buckner

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